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Who We Are

At The Venture Hub, we are a dedicated team with diverse backgrounds and expertise. With a deep understanding of the investment landscape and in-depth market insights, we bring over a decade of experience in high-tech, consulting, and venture capital. Our core strengths lie in business development, marketing, community management, and investment. With a global perspective and strong connections to key stakeholders, we are committed to driving growth and empowering startups in the dynamic web3 ecosystem. 

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Managing Director

Shan, with a decade of experience in high-tech, consulting, and PE/VC, Shan has developed in-depth market insights. Her background in consulting and PE/VC has equipped her with a deep understanding of the investment landscape. In 2022, Shan led the incubation team at a Top 20 CEX. She currently advises to 40+ startups solidifying her position as a trusted advisor in the industry.

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Head of BD and Partnership 

Hasan, the core builder of The Venture Hub, comes with a background in marketing and business development in the crypto exchange industry, Hasan possesses exceptional execution power and an impressive track record of success.

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MENA Region Community Manager

Emre, a crypto enthusiast hailing from Turkey, embarked on his cryptocurrency journey in 2018 and immersed himself in research and trading. With experience in Business Development and Community Management at Airdrop Turkey, Emre has established a strong presence in the field.


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Global Ambassador

Sky(Joseph) is a motivated individual who had been in the Fintech company for almost 10 years. He had acquired the skills of being involved in starting a company from scratch and bringing it to the world stage, not to mention he had also worked with many world wide renowned companies. Having the passion of both relationship building and marketing, he had worked with numerous CEX and had listed more than 40 tokens. He is now the Head of Business Development for a Top Tier 2 CEX.

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